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Particular News is the newsletter of England in Particular. So far there have been six issues, which can be downloaded here as PDF files (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files; it is available as a free download from Adobe). Please contact us if you would like to receive copies by post, or in a different format : email info [at] commonground.org.uk.

We also issue an irregular e-mail bulletin - you can read the latest HERE (Winter 2007/8) - please let us know if you'd like to be included on our e-mailing list.

Latest - Number 8 (Winter 2006/7)
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8 page issue featuring - Reinventing the Local ... Winter ... Apple Day 2006 ... The Longest Peel Competition ... New merchandise from Common Ground ... A Sense of Place : West Sussex Parish Maps ... Roger Deakin 1943-2006 .

Previous issues:

Number 1 (Summer/Autumn 2003)
What is England in Particular? ...Pier to-day, gone tomorrow? ... Q is for Quoits and Quays ... Tell us about Quarries, Quicksand and Quomps ... As Easy as ABC ... Diverse celebrations.

Number 2 (Winter/Spring 2003/4)
Horses for Courses ... Beer to-day, gone tomorrow? ... W is for Wales ... As Easy as ABC: Jersey Apple Alphabet ... Diverse Celebrations.

Number 3 (Summer 2004)
East ... Mere to-day, gone tomorrow? ... L is for Legends and Lore ... As Easy as ABC: Stroud ... Diverse Celebrations.

Number 4 (Winter/Spring 2005)
As Easy as ABC: Pontefract Castle, Steart, Cawood, Attleborough, Doddington, Bicester.

Number 5 (Winter 2005)
Creative eating is championed ... Local Distinctiveness is worth eating for ... Ten ways to enhance the local distinctiveness of your place ... England in Particular, the book - progress ... Land Lines ... Save Our Orchards ... New publications.

Number 6 (Spring 2006)
Water ... Simple ways of saving water ...The Water market ... Water markets and Festivals 2003-2006 ... Blandford Tap and 'water miles' ... Parish Water Maps ... New Publications

Number 7 (Spring / Summer 2006)
England in Particular - the book ... Campaign for local distinctiveness ... New poster and Postcards from Common Ground ... Producing the Goods 2 : Markets and Market Places ... Common Ground's Manifesto for Markets.