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Ashton - World Conker Championship, on the second Sunday in October, teams from all over the world meet in Ashton for this competition. The competitors play on ten white podiums on the village green and go through rounds until the winner emerges and is lead to the King Conker Throne and crowned with conkers. It started in 1965 when 4 local fishermen were sheltering in the Chequered Skipper pub. They decided to gather some conkers from the village green and 'string up'. Contact John Hadman +44(0)1832 272735 or send an e-mail to him: john. hadman [at] btinternet. com

Corby - Pole Fair. Held every 20 years (most recently on 6th May 2002), the name comes from the custom of barring local roads and exacting tolls to pass, anyone who refuses to pay or commits any other misdemeanor is carried through the fair on a pole (or chair, if female) and put in stocks.

Green Men of Northamptonshire

Warmington church contains little-known Green Men. Read more on the village web-site.

Parish Maps of Northamptonshire

Braybrooke, Brigstock, Chesterton, Earls Barton, Nassington, Northampton, Orlingbury, Weedon Bec, Welton, Weston by Welland.

Rothwell - Charter Fair. Known locally as 'Rowell Fair' this 6-day fair, 800 years old in 2004, begins at 6pm on Trinity Monday in early June with the Bailiff of the fair reading the charter outside the parish church. Riding on horseback, he then proceeds around the town, reading the charter outside every public house. At each stop he is presented with a glass of rum and milk! The hour-long ride, which is usually accompanied by a crowd several thousand strong, culminates outside the Charter Inn, where the last reading takes place. A free-for-all then takes place as the crowd (well, the younger elements, at least) attempt to wrest the halberds from the Bailiff's retinue of supporters. The public houses open at 7am to serve breakfast to the onlookers. As part of the customs surrounding this ceremony, small tarts, baked specially to an old recipe, are sold at the parish church.

Apple Day, October 21st

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