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Aston on Clun - Arbor Day, on the last Sunday in May, the Sunday nearest to Oakapple Day. The re-enactment of a wedding around the Black Poplar in the village, a young tree replanted after the old tree fell in 1995. Contact Rose Evans +44(0)1588 660544 for dates and information.

Green Men of Shropshire
Boscobel Oak Tree is the original 'royal oak' which hid King Charles from Cromwell's men in 1651:

'The Royal youth, born to outbrave his Fate
Within a neighbouring oak maintained his state
The faithful boughs in kind allegiance spread
Their shelt'ring branches round his awful head
Twin'd their rough arms and thicken'd all the shade'

Oak Apple Day is still celebrated on May 29th as the day of Charles II's restoration to the throne in 1660. The souvenir hunters of the 17th century so ravaged the tree that it died, but a descendant survives to carry on the tradition. 

At Linley church there is an ET-like figure outside, above what would have been the north door.

Ludlow - May Fair, a 17th century fair celebrated by AE Housman in no fewer than three of his poems, held in Castle Square and Mill Street around the May Day bank holiday.

Parish Maps of Shropshire

Baschurch, Bishops Castle, Buildwas, Chapel Lawn, Church Stretton, Clun, Community Council of Shropshire, Edgmond, Hope, Lofun, Minsterley, Oswestry, Prees, Quatful, Rhydycroesau, Ruyton XI Towns, St Martins, Waters Upton, Welshampton.

Shifnal - Old Club and Carnival, late June. Graham Downie, secretary of the Showmen's Guild of Great Britain, writes: "A survivor from the days when the local friendly societies, or 'clubs', provided a form of self-help insurance against hard times well before the welfare state was even thought of. The annual meeting of the club was usually accompanied by some form of communal celebration, which naturally attracted the travelling showmen. At Shifnel, the funfair stands along the main street, which is also the route of the carnival procession on the Saturday. This tradition is currently under threat because of the regional police force's insistence that the organisers pay for policing at the event - a new phenomenon, resulting from the 1996 Police Act, which has already placed crippling financial burdens on other similar events in England. The action of the police is being challenged, here and elsewhere, because it would appear to conflict with both the terms of the Act and the advice of the Home Office."

Wem - Sweet Pea Show, The New Town Hall, July. In the 19th century, Henry Eckford bred the grandiflora strain of sweet peas that were until then small and on weak stems. As the home of the sweet pea, as we know it, Wem celebrates the flower and Henry Eckford annually on the third Saturday and Sunday in July. As well as the flower show, there will be a panel of experts for advice on growing sweet peas, trade stands, a raffle, refreshments at the show and in local shops and churches which will be decorated for the event. Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm. Admission £1, children free. Contact the Show Manager on +44(0)1948 840779.

Apple Day, October 21st

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