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The Cuckoo - Traditionally, the cuckoo is expected in Worcestershire on 20th April.

Malvern - May Day Celebration on the first Saturday in May. A grand procession of sculptures, costumes and artefacts made by schools and community groups winds its way through the streets on the side of the Malvern Hills to the Priory Park where further entertainments take place and stalls can be found. This event, started in 1993, now coincides with the decoration of springs and wells on and around the Malvern Hills organised by the Malvern Spa Association and Civic Society. A coach takes visitors to view the springs and wells decorated by local groups. Both events have attracted an increasing number of participants and spectators drawing upon local tradition and creativity. Contact Lesley Rhodes e-mail lesley [at]

Offenham - Maypole and Morris Dancing on May Day. Offenham has a permanent maypole of 64 feet.

Pershore - Plum Day, August bank holiday. A celebration of plums and things made from them, which first started in 1996. Includes produce stalls, identification by comparing fruit stones from a large collection, trees for sale, and an exhibition in the Abbey celebrating the plum growing history of the area which runs for a week from Tuesday 20 August. Contact Marion Freeman, +44 (0)1386 552482.

Tenbury Wells - Holly, Mistletoe, Wreaths & Christmas Tree Auction on the Tuesdays from November leading up to Christmas. This area has been renowned for its hops, fruit, holly and mistletoe for over 200 years. Since 2001 there has been a return to a more sustainable harvesting of mistletoe, leaving healthy plants to grown on for the following year. Contact +44 (0)1584 819587.

Worcester - Blossom Trail, between Worcester and Evesham. March or April are the best times of year to see white plum and damson blossom depending on the spring weather. Followed a couple of weeks later by white and pink apple blossom. The vale of Evesham and surrounding area was once predominantly a plum growing area but apple growing is now on the increase. Much of the blossom can be seen in the hedgerows where varieties were planted for pollination and where trees have grown from discarded plums stones and apple cores. Telephone +44 (0) 1386 565373 for a copy of the Blossom Trail leaflet and map. Worcester has Oak Apple Day celebrations on the Saturday nearest Oakapple Day (29 May). People dressed as the Worcester Militia meet the Mayor of Worcester at the Guildhall which is decked in oak leaves. Someone dressed as Charles II thanks the people of Worcester for their role in the war. The group then go to the Comanderie where they meet people throughout the day. It is said that if anyone is found not to be wearing a sprig of oak they can be stung by nettles! Contact The Comanderie, +44(0)1905 361821.

Apple Day, October 21st

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