Producing the Goods

Kentish Cobnuts

Kent Cobs grow best on the Kentish ragstone around the villages of Plaxtol, Igtham and Shipbourne. In 1913 there were over 7,000 acres of cultivated hazelnuts, mainly in Kent. In the 1980s the acreage in Kent had been reduced to less than 250 acres. The formation of the Kentish Cobnuts Association in 1990 marked a change in their fortunes. The Association promotes cobnuts, provides training and technical information, advice and assistance for members to market their produce. Derelict plats (the local name for hazel orchards) have been restored and new plats planted. Kent cobnuts are available from our greengrocers once more and by mail order or pick-your-own - green and juicy in September and tree-ripened in October. Traditional landscapes are being restored, jobs created and a valuable source of protein provided.

Meg Game keeps her plat as much for bluebells and wild life as for nuts, but it is much appreciated by Turkish families from London who come down and pick nuts en famille in the autumn.

Contact: Alexander W.J. Hunt
Secretary, Kentish Cobnuts Association, Apple Trees, Comp Lane, St Mary’s Platt,
Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 8NR
e-mail: info [at]