Producing the Goods

Shuldham Fruit Farm

Shuldham Fruit Farm is as near organic as possible. Simon Shuldham has 2 hectares of land near Ham Hill in south Somerset. He grows his strawberries out of doors on raised beds. To extend the growing season he grows six varieties: Honeoye, Elsanta, Hapil, Pegasus, Symphony and Sophie, and rotates the plants every 3-4 years. Although most of the weeding is done by hand he does use a small amount of weed killer and an annual spray for mildew. Some verges are left uncut to harbour beneficial insects. His strawberries are in the local shops on the same day they are picked. Half of the production is offered for PYO.

Contact: Simon Shuldham
Shuldham Soft Fruit Farm, East Stoke House, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset TAS14 6UF
+44(0)1935 822300
Source: Julia Hailes, BBC Online, Planet Food, 2001