Producing the Goods

Ramsbury Estate Brewery

For years, the 5,500 acre Ramsbury Estate has grown high quality malting barley for brewers such as John Smiths. In 2004 it was decided to use some of the production domestically. Ramsbury have set up their own micro- brewery at Stock Close Farm. They use barley (mainly Optic) grown on 35 acres of their land and taking water from the mains source from large aquifer in the chalk below. Barley is malted within the county by a traditional floor malting process at the Warminster Maltings. This company now offers beers with locally resonant names include Ramsbury Bitter (goldings hops), Ramsbury Gold (goldings + styrian golding hops), Kennet Valley (a lighter beer using goldings and styrian goldings) and Ramsbury Flintknapper (a darker beer produced occasionally, using chocolate malt and goldings). The first two quickly won CAMRA awards at the Real Ale Festival in Reading. They produce about 4,200 pints a week.

Contact: Alistair Ewing
Estate Manager, Priory Farm, Axford, Ramsbury, Wiltshire SN8 2HA
+44(0)1672 520647
Brewery: Darren Golding
+44(0)1672 541407, sales +44(0)7843 289527