Producing the Goods

Trescowthick Craft Baker

Trescowthick Craft Bakery grows its own milling wheat near Newquay, grinds its own flour and makes its own bread.

"Despite wheat, rye and barley having been grown successfully for bread-making for hundreds of years, and with the exception of a brief period during the 1930s and Second World War, when the bakers were forced to use home-grown wheat for flour, little British wheat is used for mass-produced bread. The multi-national companies that dominate milling and baking have created a culture in which few British farmers are encouraged to grow milling wheats for bread.

The Trescowthick Craft Bakery, however, is trying to buck this trend by showing that bread can be made using Cornish grain. The (Buscombe) family farm and bakery has successfully grown milling wheat on the north Cornish coast near Newquay since 2003. In 2004 a mill was installed to grind this wheat for use in bread, cakes and biscuits, all baked on the premises. …" Carol Trewin, 'Gourmet Cornwall' (Alison Hodge, 2005).

Contact: Trescowthick Craft Bakery
Newlyn East, Newquay, Cornwall
+44(0)1637 830958