Producing the Goods

Tolhurst Organic Produce

Iain Tolhurst’s Organic Market Garden in Pangbourne, Berkshire provides about 500 weekly boxes from a 2 acre walled garden and additional 16 acres. What distinguishes Ian’s enterprise is that it is stockfree - implying no animals or animal manure. Instead of using animal fertilisers, he runs a closed system whereby legumes are grown for green manure. Crops are rotated to reduce the risk of disease and to provide soil fertility. This closed system is promoted by the Vegan-Organic Trust

Iain encourages his customers to walk to collect their boxes rather than come by car. "this means customers have to make a little effort themselves and so appreciate that food just doesn’t turn up on the doorstep!"

Contact: Iain Tolhurst
Tolhurst Organic Produce, 2 West Lodge, Hardwick, Whitchurch on Thames,
Pangbourne, Reading, Berkshire RG8 7RA
+44(0)118 9843428

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