Producing the Goods

The Better Food Company, Bristol

Describes itself as an organic super market, with fruit and vegetables grown at their market garden 10 miles away. Cheeses, bread, milk and 2,500 grocery products. Set up by Phil Haughton, the company's mission statement is:

To campaign for a more sustainable world.

To provide ethical and environmentally beneficial produce to as many people as possible based around an informed partnership between producer, customer and employees.

To embrace a commitment to connect people and their communities to the food they eat - where and how it is produced, how many miles it travels and the benefits of local production and sale.

Our vision is to embed the principles of sustainable organic production and fair trade activity throughout our business and into local communities.

Contact: The Better Food Company
The Bristol Proving House, Sevier Street, Bristol BS2 9QS
+44(0)117 935 1725