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Cornish Fishing and Seafood

Cornish Fishing and Seafood is the new book by award-winning food writer Carol Trewin, illustrated with photographs by Adam Woolfitt.

The book celebrates seafood and sea fishing in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Through verbatim interviews, fishermen, fish merchants, chefs and others tell their stories in their own words. In addition, there are numerous recipes from Cornish chefs, restaurants and fishermen.

This is the first in-depth study of the Cornish fishing industry, and is published by Alison Hodge with support from the Cornish fishing business, so that profits from sales can help the Duchy Fish Quota Company to keep Cornwall fishing.

"Cornish fishing is thriving, and so are fish stocks in the seas around the Cornish coast. If you don’t believe this then look no further than a radical new book on fishing in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly that turns many preconceptions on their head. Cornish Fishing and Seafood reveals the true state of fishing and fish stocks in the far South West, and discovers the thriving onshore industry that processes and handles the fish and shellfish landed by England’s last fishing fleet of any size.

Cornish Fishing and Seafood, by award-winning food writer Carol Trewin and renowned photographer Adam Woolfitt, celebrates seafood and sea fishing in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and reveals why our only truly wild source of food, harvested by the last of the hunter-gatherers, is special, to be treated with respect. It takes the lid off the myths and misunderstandings surrounding sea fishing, to discover the real state of fishing in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Using the words and experiences of fishermen, auctioneers, processors and fish merchants, and with specially commissioned photographs taken over the last year, this book debunks any idea that fishermen are wilfully destroying the very thing that provides them with a living, showing instead the initiatives they have taken to protect stocks for the future.

While celebrating the positive aspects of Cornish fishing, Cornish Fishing and Seafood does not shy away from recent difficulties – decommissioning, cuts in fish quotas, and shortages of manpower. It also looks forwards, and outlines the steps being taken to keep Cornish boats fishing profitably in the twenty-first century." (Press release)

Excerpts from this book are reproduced with kind permission of Carol Trewin and Alison Hodge Publishers. Photographs © Adam Woolfitt 2006 for Cornish Fishing and Seafood.

Isles of Scilly

Cornish Fishing and Seafood by Carol Trewin, with photographs by Adam Woolfitt
ISBN 0906720427, price £14.95, paperback with flaps; 256 pages; 235 photographs; full colour throughout.

Right - The last traditional Oyster fleet fishes under sail on the River Fal. Dredging oysters aboard Tim Vinnicombe’s boat the Boy Willie in the Fal River estuary.
Centre - Rolled wing of ray with braised celery prepared at Stephen and Yvonne Hill’s The Bay Restaurant and Gallery, Penzance, by chef Ben Reeve.
Left - Line-caught mackerel with bacon and milk sauce, prepared for a beach barbeque, to his grandmother’s recipe, by Toby Ashworth, managing director of the Nare Hotel, situated on Cornwall’s Roseland peninsula.

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