The Orchard Path

A journey through trees, blossom, fruit, cider, perry, apple crumble and cakes, damson jam, cherry pie and pears poached in perry.

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Common Ground have been working to save old orchards and encouraging the establishment of new community orchards since the late 1980s. We invented Apple Day (October 21st) in 1990 - now hundreds of places run their own celebrations.

We have made a start in enticing you to explore the countryside and the city through their orchards - beautiful in their own right in the landscape and delicious and nutritious in their produce. Click on the labels above for ways to explore this pathway.

Please help us by telling us of more orchards, orchard produce, celebrations and stories.

Find more about Orchards and Orchard Produce on The Gazetteer - hover over a county for links to local producers!


Read about Orchards and Wild Life, Fruits of the Earth, Apple Day and Bees and read poems by Ian Blake, Leonard Clark, James Crowden, AE Housman and Michael Hamburger.

You can also find orchard publications and products from Common Ground and others. And TREES too.

Read and buy the COMMUNITY ORCHARDS HANDBOOK ... the common ground book of orchards ... THE APPLE SOURCE BOOK