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Welcome tothis web-site from Common Ground, the charity whichencourages you to stand up for your place. Ourlocalities need our constant attention, and our task here is to excitepeople - as locals or visitors - with ways of getting underthe surface of places, offering a way of looking at thelocal, a kind of evolving celebration along with ideas for effectingchange. Please return often,we have made a start, a few ways of navigating the great commonwealth of nature, landscapes, buildings, settlements, histories, mythsand stories, always on the move, which in theirinterweaving give us the rich and varied particularity of oursurroundings.

Apple Source BookBooks include: Community Orchards Handbook (2008), The Apple Source Book - particular uses for diverse apples (2007), ENGLAND IN PARTICULAR (2006) - an encyclopaedia of LOCAL DISTINCTIVENESS, championing the importance of variegation in the everyday, with England as our example.Click herefor the CAMPAIGNFOR LOCAL DISTINCTIVENESS. We are a small charity and rely on donations and project grants for our funding ...


Co m m o n   G r o u n d,   Gold HillHouse, 21 High Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8JE +44(0)1747 850820.e-mail info [at] please visit

Common Ground is proud to have won the
Best Environmental Charity 2010 award from the Independent newspaper.

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